Welcome to Nu Outlets

We are really excited to begin our Nu adventure of updating our loyal customers concerning Nu products and developments. Being passionate about learning is in our DNA (also known as Nucleic acid) and we want to pass this information on to you.

There is something magical about finding that perfect item online, and the Nuggets we share may just enlighten your understanding of all things Nu. In fact, we are completely Nuts about our Nu family and want to provide nothing but the best in products and customer service.

The Significance of Nu

Did you know that Nu is the 13th letter in the Greek alphabet? How ironic is that, since 13 is my lucky Number!

When you choose a name that reaches out and grabs you and makes you feel tingly and Numb all over, that has to be destiny. Are you seeing a pattern here?

We Nu you would, because our Nu Family is savvy when it comes to all things newsworthy, or should I say “Nusworthy.”

Okay, that might have been a little overboard, so I’ll lay off the Nuances regarding the best two letters in the English and Greek alphabet.

What’s Nu with Nu Outlets

We are proud to offer LED Light Therapy products, which provide natural LED light for pain relief, wrinkle reduction, and acne treatment.

Be sure and check out the Nu products and sales we have going on. They are part of the reason we are the Number one store for exclusive and unique merchandise.

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